#PINNED: 11 best rain or shine Boracay Island beach activities


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If you can work from anywhere, why not work from Boracay?

Workation in the Philippines became the biggest travel trend as metro workers flock to Boracay to work in paradise. WFH does not have to be a “work-from-home” setup but can be interchangeable to “work-from-hotel” or to wherever you want to be. It’s about taking a break from your home office, but not from work itself.

After learning how to travel to Boracay in the new normal and securing the latest Boracay travel requirements, some travelers might get stuck in their workation spot with the implementation of the new ECQ, MECQ, or GCQ restrictions in the Philippines. So, for those who just landed in Caticlan or became locals now, we listed what Boracay activities can you do in the new normal–2021 version!

When the sun is out:

Island hopping

A Boracay island hopping can take you to see fine, white, powdery sand beaches with turquoise-clear waters. The usual Boracay island tour package has a lineup of activities to explore local artifacts and caves of Crystal Cove, a cliff diving experience at  Magic Island, and a mouth-watering grilled buffet lunch along the beautiful beach–what more can you ask for?!

Parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and other water sports

Your “things to do in Boracay” bucket list won’t be complete without experiencing the thrill from parasailing, a splash from the banana boat ride, the weightlessness from flying fish, and a scream from an adrenaline-inducing UFO ride! Wakeboarding requires a lot of strength depending on how you enjoy the waves, while jet skiing in Boracay will give you one of the best views.


Rent a bike

Being in workation mode does not mean that your workout should be on vacation, too. Cheap bicycle rentals are found in Boracay, where you can pedal around the island to visit Puka and Bulabog beaches, and Mount Luho. Biking is a good cardiovascular workout while connecting with nature for a low price.

Aquanaut diving

If you are not a swimmer but curious to discover what lies beneath, you should definitely try helmet diving in Boracay! A heavy helmet on your head is weightless underwater, while an instructor guides you on how to breathe and “walk” with a school of fish!


Boracay helicopter tours

Feeling fancy? Up, up and away with a Boracay helicopter tour that will give you a unique eagle’s eye view of the stunning landscape and blue waters. Just make sure to enjoy the beauty of the island, instead of taking selfies during the short ride.

Sunset paddleboarding and paraw-sailing

All aboard! Let a small…

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