Frankly too many to keep count, but here’s Coconuts Bali Bali’s 10 most


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It’s really no secret that Bali is famous for many different things, and though we might be a little biased here; there were never any doubts that wondrous stories are only to be expected from this Indonesian island. 

Over the years, it quickly became clear that the weird stories were not that far behind either. Since our city site launched in 2014, we have witnessed and reported on a variety of strange occurrences on the island that may come off as clickbait at a glance, but ended up being an actual thing that happened. And who would’ve thought that so many (too many?) of these stories involve foreigners visiting Bali? 

We’re talking about stories like a woman who posed in a bikini in front of a Balinese Hindu temple and an Australian man who fly-kicked a man off a moving scooter because he was so drunk (the man was injured, but he survived). Then there’s also that British tourist who slapped an immigration officer after she was told she has to pay an overstay fee, among many others. 

As we celebrate Coconuts’ 10th anniversary this month, Coconuts Bali is revisiting the 10 most memorable foreigner shenanigans that have happened – ‘cause just as much as we love the wondrous, Coconuts do have a penchant for the weird, absurd, and sometimes even bizarre. 

It goes without saying that we absolutely love bringing these stories to your screens, and we look forward to doing more and even better for the decade(s) to come! 

1. On foreigner privilege, gentrification, and racism: How one American digital nomad’s Twitter thread about Bali sparked backlash 

One of our biggest stories to-date, and the whole thing blew up on Twitter like wildfire only earlier this year. An American digital nomad named Kristen Gray sparked an international controversy that saw Indonesians and Americans weighing in after she wrote a thread about “how you can thrive in life.” That sounds harmless enough at a glance, but one closer look and you’ll see traces of unchecked foreigner privilege, irresponsible generalizations, and even an encouragement to skirt immigration rules during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


2. ‘You have no law’: foreigner chained after insisting he isn’t breaking rule for jogging during Nyepi

One would think that adhering to local customs is to be expected of visitors, and yet one foreigner thought he could simply break the rules during the Balinese Day of Silence, or Nyepi, just last year. Most of us know that the day is meant to self-reflect, and that staying in is absolutely mandatory. But one foreign dude just had to go for his morning jog. 


3. Australian man filmed fly-kicking scooter driver in Bali arrested (Video)

Have you ever gotten so drunk that you fly-kicked a man off a moving scooter in the middle of the street? No? Well, that’s a “yes,” from at least one Australian man, who later had to deal with authorities in Bali for what at first seemed like random acts of violence, but was…

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