Black Friday TV Deals 2021: Amazon, Best Buy & more


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Black Friday started early this year, with deals available from Best Buy, Lowe’s and Amazon. Naturally, one of the most discounted items available from any retailer: TVs from the likes of Hisense, Sony and Samsung.

Instead of clicking through multiple websites searching for the best deals from top brands, we carefully curated a list of the best deals we could find.

Insignia 24-Inch Smart Fire TV ($99, originally $169;

Insignia 24-inch Smart Fire TV

Best Buy

Insignia 24-Inch Smart Fire TV

Best Buy’s Insignia electronics brand is discounting a 24-inch HD TV to just $99, down from $169.99. For under $100 you get a 720p HD TV that has popular streaming apps and services built directly into its Fire OS operating system. It’s a solid choice for a secondary TV in the kitchen, your kids’ playroom or maybe even for your back patio. It even works with Amazon’s Alexa.

Amazon 55-Inch Fire TV Omni Series ($409.99, originally $559.99;


Amazon 55-Inch Fire TV Omni Series

Amazon now has its own brand of TVs under the Fire TV Omni name, and they look great. Every Omni TV runs Fire TV OS, the same operating system that Amazon’s Fire TV streaming devices use, ensuring you’ll have the same experience with the addition of managing — or purchasing — a streaming stick or set-top box. Each model has a 4K resolution with support for HDR10, Dolby Digital Plus and hands-free Alexa interactions.

Hisense 55-Inch U7G QLED TV ($649.99, originally $849.99;


Hisense 55-Inch U7G QLED TV

On the higher end of the Hisense TV lineup is the U7G, which is currently $649 — down from $849 — on Amazon. The U7G boasts a Quantum Dot QLED display, powered by Google’s Android TV platform, and it even works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It has a 120Hz display, which is sure to make any gamers in your home happy.

Hisense 70-Inch A6G 4K TV ($549.99, originally $849.99;


Hisense 70-Inch A6G 4K TV

The Hisense A6G has nearly everything you could want from a smart TV. It runs Google’s Android TV platform, allowing you to install apps like Netflix or Discovery+ from the Play Store or stream music and videos directly from your phone to the TV. It’s a 4K TV set with Dolby Vision HDR for a bright, clear and crisp picture. At 70 inches, you’re getting a whole lot of TV for not a lot of money. What’s not to love?

Samsung 43-Inch The Frame ($797.99, originally $999.99; and

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